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Join our journey in making this independent short film while knowing your funds are supporting wildlife awareness, advocating for protections and directly paying the artists that are working on this project!

About our journey

Nowheres Wolf: A Call Not Answered is our first independent film production inspired by the life story of the Oregon wolf named Journey and designated OR-7 by researchers. His perseverance made headlines and grabbed the attention of the nation, including that of our film makers! Using the magic of stop-motion animation, we hope to continue to grow compassion for OR-7 and his fellow wolves across the country. We want to connect you with the emotional, social and playful world of the wolf!

Our hope is that this film will help to dispel longstanding fears which only do harm to the future of wolves. This film and our related Wolf Craft Workshops aim to work along side advocacy groups to bring a much needed understanding to all communities about the benefits of coexisting with wolves.

OR-7 and Siblings Enjoying Fresh Blackberries From Momma
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